CMC CartonPack

CMC CartonPack is a new technology developed by CMC to answer the increasing demand of B2B and B2C companies to dynamically pack multiple items (different shapes and sizes) by creating a perfect size box.

The system is mainly based on a new transport tote, fully designed and patented by CMC. CMC VaryTote® features two inner adjustable guides which are used to compact the picked items to the minimum possible volume and define dimensions of the order.

Thanks to the unique VaryTote® design, the operator can easily and quickly adapt the inner guides  to each individual consignment.

The VaryTote® is the perfect solution to collect and pack multiple regular or irregular shaped items within a size range.

A 3D Scanner placed in the CMC VaryTote® induct area reads the 3 dimensions of the the order set by the adjustable guides.

Data is sent to the CMC CartonPack/M which creates the exact size flat blank for each consignment.

CMC CartonPack belongs to the Award Winning CMC CartonWrap Series and uses the same on demand packaging technology.

Fanfold Specs: from 600 mm to 1200 mm

Minimum Box Dimension: 260x200x60mm

Max. Box Dimension: 600x400x350mm

Max. Mechanical Speed: 500 boxes/hour

“The CMC solutions add significant value to’s fulfilment promise”Name

Lisanne Broer Van Abeelen
Lead Business Analyst / Project delivery MHE